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How do I register for an event?

Register button


Choose an event.

       2. Click the register button.

       3. Enter your email when requested.

Registration type
Select your registration type.
* Member
* Member (Alternate or Rotating)
* Guest - $40

 5. Enter your name, organization, and
        phone on the registration form.

          6. Verify your registration information.

       7. Press confirm. You may choose to print a copy
                of your confirmation for your files.

You're registered

What if I must cancel?

Contact to cancel. Please include your name and the date of the event for which you are cancelling.

How can I pay?

Guest event fees of $40, luncheon included, will be collected at the door. We accept major credit cards*. For more information, call 210-938-4796.

*A flat processing fee of $5 per transaction will be charged for all PayPal and credit card transactions. This fee is to cover the costs incurred by PTMA. 

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