The idea takes shape

PTMA History BookAs with every organization, PTMA developed to address a need. During the late 70's and early 80's, technology advanced rapidly, and the San Antonio business community recognized that increased communication and enhanced transactions would benefit consumers and business alike. New tools enabled organizations to centralize customer service and inside sales operations, and companies including Datapoint, USAA, LaQuinta Reservations, Southwest Airlines, Frost Bank, and UniFirst were quick to take advantage.

Then, as now, managers sought the latest ideas and very best practices
Managers of these newly centralized organizations were always on the lookout for fresh, effective ideas. Meeting for breakfast at Jim’s Restaurant on San Pedro, they soon discovered they had much to learn from one another. Efficiencies, technical expertise, and best practices crossed industry lines.

We found our monthly coffee sessions had value, and guessed there may be others who might have interest,” explained Jackie Burke, former VP of LaQuinta Reservations. The informal group, which included Ron White, Buddy Young, and a few others, placed an ad in the San Antonio newspaper inviting interested parties to an informational meeting on the Riverwalk. 

According to Ms. Burke, “We were amazed at the number of attendees, and found we all shared the same challenges… More call centers were coming to San Antonio, and as a result potential employees had more choices. We shared ways to reduce attrition and inspire professionalism in the workplace.”

The first years
We found our monthly coffee sessions had value, and guessed there may be others who might have interest. - Jackie Burke
As a result of that first meeting, a Steering Committee was formed in 1992, and the organization incorporated under the name Professional Telemarketing Managers Association, or PTMA. In 1996, the Board of Directors voted to change the name of the group to Professional Teleservice Managers Association, retaining the acronym PTMA, to more accurately reflect the business activity of its members. 

Over the following years, members held monthly meetings, organized educational programs and industry conferences, and served as an academic resource to Northwest Vista College for designing a curriculum related to customer service. PTMA leaders supported the efforts of the Economic Development Foundation, demonstrating the advantages of San Antonio to corporations considering expansion or relocation. In addition, PTMA's Call Center of the Year Award recognized companies with outstanding contact centers or help desks.

PTMA today
IMonthly meetings are now held at the San Antonio Marriott Northwest to accommodate PTMA's growing membership and guests. Today, attendance ranges from 50 to 65 at each meeting. PTMA members and their guests gather to learn the newest best management practices and tour the leading contact centers in our community. 

PTMA helped Northwest Vista College develop its customer service curriculum
It is a common belief that there is no such thing as a free lunch!  PTMA members know differently. For well over a decade members have enjoyed complimentary meals and great programs as part of their PTMA membership.

PTMA remains an organization proud of its past and focused on its future. We will continue to inform, educate, and serve as a forum for industry leaders in the San Antonio area and beyond.


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