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Treasurer Committee - Responsible to manage the financial aspects of the organization to ensure the ability of PTMA to achieve the association's vision.  This committee assists with checking in registered guests and members at the monthly meetings, registering last minute attendees and updating attendance substitutions, as well as ensuring all attendees have name tags. Assistance from two or three members is needed to help with completing these duties each month. There is no advance preparation required- committee members just need to arrive at the meeting location 30 minutes prior to the meeting start time. If there is someone who is interested in serving as a permanent committee member, you may occasionally be asked to stand-in in the Treasurer's absence at the monthly membership meeting and/or board meeting, to ensure everything runs smoothly. If this situation arises however, the Treasurer will work with you ahead of time, so you are fully prepared and have all necessary supplies.

Membership Committee - Retain and gain new members for our association, ensuring fulfillment of the vision, mission and purpose

Programs Committee - Foster an environment where members thrive through connections, educations and inspiration

Communications Committee - Coordinate and manage the distribution of information among membership, leadership and the community




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